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Hello my people


Oakley Beginner
Nice place you have here! I've been an Oakley fan for ... gulp .... almost 40 years.

My first pair was in ~mid/late 1980's when I was rocking contact lenses, a magenta framed, grey smoked RazorBlade. Snowboarding was just beginning and Craig Kelly was wearing them. I loved the sh$t outta those for about a year until they were stolen from my vehicle one night. I still hope those bastard thieves burn for that.

I replaced them with a pair of black frogskins with purple iridium lenses which I am wearing at this moment as I type this. I have had Costco cut me some prescription transition lenses for them about a year ago and I had clear rx lenses in them for about 15 years before that after I stopped wearing contacts. They are still going strong and have had a timeless style that I've liked since I got them in late 80's. I bought a second pair of frogskins in early/mid 90's as a gift to my mom, a clear frame with a slight purple tint and purple iridium lenses. She passed away near 20 years ago now, I hung onto her frogskins and last month found them at the bottom of a storage box and got Costco do my Rx in grey sunglass lenses ... they live again and I wear them with sentimentality.

I've been wearing Oakley Rx eyeglasses for years too. I wore Concrete 2.0's (light grey color) for 10+ years. When I first got them my Doberman puppy chewed them up pretty good one night and my optometrist got the local Oakley rep to comp me an exact replacement frame. That stood out to me as a stand up thing for them to do. I had also bought a pair of Oakley Muffler Rx in black. Six months later while playing with same Doberman he jumped up and clocked me in the face and the Mufflers broke (it was also -10*C). Optometrist/Oakley couldn't get replacement frame for me but I found some online (in the tortoise color I always preferred) and they swapped the lenses into my new frames. Those new frames never seemed to work as well and I wondered if they are fake, they irritate the skin on the sides of my head and have a weird wear mark on the end of a temple. Perhaps I'll start another thread on those specifically to get some of your expert help. About 6-7 years ago I got some satin black Holbrooks with my Rx in a grey mirror tint sunglass. Loved them to death and unforunately in a drunken mishap I ended up swimming in saltwater wearing them which completely screwed the coatings making them near unwearable. Costco won't cut Rx lenses for me for them, I might just get some non rx replacement lenses for them but they are a bit tired otherwise too, one temple is super loose at the plastic hinge (not a fan of the move to plastic hinge Oakley).

More recently I bought some more Rx frames directly from Oakley's website and have had Costco make Rx lenses for me; satin black Pitchman Carbon with clear lens & satin black Pitchman R with grey transition lenses. These are what I wear daily, moreso the carbons. I have a big head and both pairs I got in the standard size, the R's might be a tad small for me but I dig them regardless.

I also just bought (on sale) from Clearly.ca a pair of black Oakley Conductor 6's with my Rx in solid green tint sunglasses lens. These are very light and comfortable but not exactly the style I typically go for. Great to look through and comfy, the looks are growing on me.

Lastly, I got contacts again after ~20 years. Grabbed some black Badmans with ruby prism lens off local classifieds and have a pair of grey Crosshairs I'm picking up this weekend from a buddy.

For wants, I've been humming and hawing about picking up some Holbrook XL's in tortoise. I've never tried on the XL's but I think they'd be a better size for me. I can't decide if I want to get them in Rx or non Rx. You guys have thinkng about the x-metals too but the prices seem bananas. I know the quality is there but oh mama. I do want to pretend I'm the guy from X-men with the laser blaster vision. heh. I have been watching the Oakley.ca site for the sales too, seem to always be some discounted sunglasses I want. I feel like I need something with a mirror lens soon. Apparitions were calling my name last night ...

So yeah, thanks for having me fellow Oakley fans. Looking forward to the like minded fandom here ....

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