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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by yoshi1984, 9/18/11.

  1. yoshi1984


    Greeting's Oakley addicts! My name is Curtis and i am slowly becoming more and more of an Oakley addict thank's to this forum and just putting gas on a fire to
    make my O addiction worsen...my poor wallet...
    I'm from Nor-Cal, bay area. Oakley fan for several years now. Always loved the elliptical O icon, their strive for evolution and techonology they add into their products. My very first pair of Oakley's that i still own today, are crystal black MD's my brother got me at a bike shop so he got a membership discount. I now have about 9 pairs, nothing exciting, just mainly fuel cell's, couple antix, MD, SJ's. Had a crystal black Gascan which i lost probably a good few weeks after buying it...
    That hurt a lot, for a long time...

    Then I sort of stopped getting into Oakley, wasn't liking their eyewear for a long time, sideways, bleh, a lot of the stuff i wasn't into for a while until the last year or so saw the fuel cell which made me fall in love, then discovered this forum and just went hay wire from there.
    I honestly just prefer O-matter frames, X-metal's out of my price range and don't think they really suit me very well.

    I've never been in a Oakley store if you can believe that. It's something I need / want to do someday soon. I do all my shopping through oakley.com or authorized dealer's. going to an O store would be VERY dangerous for me. LOL!

    My favorite frame would have to be the fuel cell. I never liked the gascan much. The favorite pair of Oakley's i currently own and plan on getting a second pair of, is the Ernesto Fonseca Antix with that amazing Koi fish artwork, and the chrome icons just make it perfect to me. i love koi fish and the japanese culture that Ernesto was a big fan of.
    I calculated, and realized i spent a good $1,000 since January haha! I also like to buy the new Square O hard cases each time i buy a frame. yes it adds another $20 but i think each MENS' frame specifically should come with a hard case, i don't know why that's only for womens' frames that they come with their own hard case...

    I really enjoy this forum, trying to help out anyone with any questions, met some awesome people on here. got a few cool oakley items like my science hard case that i would never have been able to get otherwise.
    So yeah thank's for reading and i've really enjoyed this forum!

    p.s. Is this next 'BIG THING' from Oakley we keep hearing about, the new Watch they are releasing soon? the Hallow point i think? or is this something different?
    Sneak Peek: Hollow Point

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Hed568


    thanks for sharing this with everyone... i feel like i know you much better now

  3. del518


    Nice post, Yoshi.

  4. yoshi1984


    Thank's Del! it's been great talking to you as well, fellow Antix fan's!

  5. yoshi1984


    I hope you do now, if there's anything else feel free to ask!

  6. Awesome intro! 350 posts later! Good stuff man, Any reason you havent gotten the Fonseca Antix besides $$$? I know that stops me...sometimes.lol
    I have a pair of them if you're ever interested, i'm also pretty sure i saw them somewhere in the market area on here. Fuel Cells are a good buy for me right now too! I have a couple pairs. You really need to make it out to an Oakley Vault man.. you'll really appreciate being in there. Sometimes i go in and just look around for a...pretty long time before i pick up anything. I must warn you though, it ALWAYS,ALWAYS leads to some pretty bad impulse buys. Especially the first couple of times. I hadn't even heard anything about the Hollow Point until your link! I'm pretty anxious now!
    I actually don't own any oakley timepieces, unfortunately i've been investing into G-Shock and Pathfinders.

  7. yoshi1984


    LOL` yeah i know im late with the introductions!! ah well, at least now you know who some about me.

    I already have a fonseca antix, but im waiting until i have the $120 for them which won't be for a couple weeks. How much are you selling yours for? are they new and with the box? if so, hold onto them for me if you can! lol im kinda broke now after my recent oakley purchase. sigh.

    haha, im SOO not anywhere close to a vault sadly, AND I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA. i haven't really looked at oakley.com's store locator but im closer to a O store than a vault sadly. I'd have to rely on forum members here for me!

    Yep! the hallow point is going to be a very cool watch coming soon. I've read some people mentoin that Oakley watches may not be the best or are over priced.
    personally i hate wearing watches, or anything on my wrist, drives me crazy. i'd just use it as a display piece.
    There's nothing wrong with G-shock's! those are good watches. a watch is a watch regardless of how much you pay for one.
    lol, i've got bad impulse control! only thing that stops me is having enough $$$.

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