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Hello Oakley Forum! Need Your Expert Opinion Please.


Oakley Beginner
Hello to all the members and Moderators here in Oakley Forum.

I an avid fan of Oakley and have a very modest collection. However, I realized I am too much into plastic models and want to venture into wires. the problem is that I have a fairly Wide face ( Squarish ) and to make it more comparative Jawbone fits me Snugly. PitBull Fits just right, hugging my face just right with very minimal light on the edges.

I tried Inmate on and it doesnt fit me on the Temples. it is too tight.

Can you give me some advice which wire/metal model is applicable? hopefully as wide as Pitbull in terms of Temple fit.

Thank you.
Although the Half Xs appear small on the face they have the double hinge so they can fit pretty much any face.
The Crosshair 2.0 and the Splinter are also very popular wire frames with individuals with a little wider faces
From what uve described the only way to go would be the Probation!
I have the Pit Bull and it is a bit snug on me. I also have Wardens(little wider) they fit better than the Pit Bulls do, dont think the Wardens are out anymore but if you happen to find a pair try them.