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  1. ianthom

    ianthom Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster...
    I dont live near any oakley retail stores, but love the products- and need a new day backpack.
    My requirements are the following:

    some level of water resistance (looking at blade wet/dry 40)
    somewhere to store cold/leakable stuff (blade wet dry 40 or lunchbox or kitchen sink)
    heaps of pockets (more the better!) as I have a stack of audio video gear (kitchen sink maybe)

    my obvious preference is the blade wet/dry 40, the only problem is I can't visit one in the flesh, and need to see how the internal pocket system works? I really need a pack with a stack of pockets for all my little bits and pieces, anyone got this pack and be willing to post some internal photos?
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  2. FOHJones

    FOHJones Oakley Beginner

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    I own a Lunchbox and use it for exactly that. I'm not sure how many pockets you are looking for, but the Lunchbox has two side pockets that are pretty sizable, another pocket up top that can store a chunky pair of headphones (provided they fold up a bit) and some cables. I personally have a pair of Shure HR840 headphones, my computer power cables, and a long firewire cable in that particular pocket. Then it has a relatively large main section that can get eaten up by the cooler portion of the bag. And finally, it has a separate section to store a laptop. I have my 15" Macbook Pro in that. I LOVE this bag. It goes with me to every gig I do. I really like the cooler portion of it. I line the bottom of it with three small blue lunchbox ice packs and that does a pretty decent job of keeping my drinks cool for hours. And while not HUGE, the cooler portion is super small, either. I can fit the ice packs, two 32oz bottles of Gatorade, and two 16oz bottles of water in it with no problem. That keeps me hydrated when I'm at a gig. It's a great little bag, I highly recommend it (even though it's quite pricy). Hope that helps.
  3. Teetogreen

    Teetogreen Oakley Collector

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    Check out the Oakley vault online.