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Help Me Identify My Glasses Please


Gotta love a good DOG
This was the first set of Oakley's i bought many years ago from a motor bike shop that was shutting down. Unfortunatly there was no box or case with them. I don't believe they are fake as they feel like the quality you get from Oakley as in the fact the hinges are nice & free & they don't feel like cheep plastic. Does anyone recognise the model of them as there is nothing on the inside of the arm except Made in the USA.

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FrogTasic is correct, they are Fours. The Four S is smaller and the orbitals are a bit more rounded. Nice pair, you don't see a lot them.
Thanks Retina. Does anyone know the value of these second hand as i am considering selling them due to the fact i no longer wear them. Unfortunatly i do not have a box or the cloth bag for them. There are a couple of very small scratches on the lenses but you can only see them in the right light,other than that they are in very good condition.
i dont think thats true, maybe the Four S but the Fours were a mens style, Wesley Snipes wore them in Blade 2 if im correct. Def not a womens style haha
I would agree with oakleyguy, these came out years before they had women's specific glasses. And yes there is a Blade II verision of the Four that Wesley Snipes wore in the movie. The Four S was a possible, but only because of some of the colorways they offered.