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  1. haydn.durrant

    haydn.durrant Oakley Beginner

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    Hi there Oakley addicts,

    I've been a massive Oakley fan for years. My current stash includes fives, Juliets, Jawbone, Radar, Racing Jackets, Monster Dogs and Original Half wires.

    It's about these last pair that I'm posting tonight. My half wires have a nose bomb missing. It's the original black one. Oakley customer care in the UK tell me that they no longer stock replacement parts for this model. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can source a replacement from? I have checked on eBay - nada.

    Props to Oakley customer care thiugh who offered me a 40% discount on any pair of glasses in the current range (excluding customs). They also sorted me out painlessly earlier in the year when my 2 year old daughter snapped one of the arms off my radars.

    Would be great if anyone can help.


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