Oakley Beginner
Not an expert on them but they look like the older Zeros[/QU
Hello & thanks for having a look & your suggestions. We owned 4 pairs of Oakleys between us. My husband has 2 & I had the other 2. As I had a favourite pair that I always wear (they're leopard print & always get remarked on), I decided to sell the other pair on Ebay. My daughter sold them for me & the person that won them has raised a case against her saying they're not genuine which I'm furious about as I know they are. Think she won them for about £20 too-cheeky mare. I had no idea what they were or their spec so started to try & do some investigation. Anyway, I came across this forum when looking for tips about how to prove they ARE genuine. You all know so much about Oakleys I am amazed. It's great to see so many people so passionate about them. I feel I need to post a pic of my leopard print ones, just to brag a bit, once I've sorted out this problem with Ebay. Thanks again for all your help. It's really appreciated.

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