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Help the red dial or the black face dial

John. Walker

Oakley Enthusiast
could really use the expertise of the board members to help me decide witch machine minute to buy the red face dial or the black. Witch one do you think would get the most attention and would stand out more. Your options would help me out tremendously thanks John. image.png

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More attention possibly with the red. For me I like the black better, goes with more of what I wear. Of the 2 you posted I would go red for the Ti band.

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it actually depends on what you like bro... but to mix and match with your get up for the day i think black is better. Got both and they both have the same level of attention. but i find it easier to match what i am wearing with my black MM...

If the pictures are of the actual items, I would go with red. Reasons? The black one looks to be on a leather or unobtanium strap where the red has a titanium bracelet. Also, the red one is a newer model identifiable by the word 'Oakley' being on the left hand side of the face.

If it were a straight choice of colour, I would go with black. (TWSS?)...

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