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  1. rmd89

    rmd89 Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys, first time poster and looking to purchase my first pair of Oakleys. Just want to thank you guys for the help before I get into the details!

    Some information so you guys have something to work with:
    -I have a pretty long and slim face. I looked online and a website said I should go with glasses that aren't too thin, which will accentuate this feature. True?
    -My price range is no more than $120 for polarized glasses, which I realize means I might not get what I'm looking for but we'll see, not sure if I'll wait or spend the extra money.
    -I'm not looking to play sports in these, they will be for leisure like driving, walking around, going to the beach, etc.
    -I don't like anything fancy. Normal colors- black for the frame, and not sure about the lenses. Normal design, nothing funky.

    Now I went to the website and picked out a couple of my favorites, not in order:
    1. Crankcase- Nice frames, but I don't especially like the holes to the side of the lenses.
    2. Fuel cell- Very nice frame as well, but I don't like how the top of the glasses is almost a straight line, I like the more rounded look.
    3. Ten- Like these a lot, are they too big?
    4. Fives Squared- design looks perfect and they are cheap, probably my favorite. However, they look pretty thin, which is something that might not work with my face. I also ready they are pretty tight.
    5. Gascan- These look pretty nice, but something seems a little bit off. Are they too long across? Maybe it's that little tip which I believe is used to block out the sun from the sides.
    6. Hijinx- Saw a deal on these and they looked perfect and almost bought them. I read some reviews saying they are too big, so I went to a store and tried them on and they are way too big, didn't like them. The actual shape and design is really nice, but too big.

    Lenses- Not sure what I should get. Nothing fancy so I'm thinking black or gray. I'd like how I look in black, but not how everything will be so much darker. Grays would be nice because I'd be seeing a more natural color. I'm ok if it doesn't block out as much sun, are there any other cons?

    I'm very picky and indecisive unfortunately but I will make my decision today or tomorrow because I'm going on vacation soon. I will also go to the store one more time and check a couple of them out.
    1. I know it's ultimately my decision, but do you guys have any input/ suggestions?
    2. Do people in sunglasses stores usually make commission? I'd like to ask an employee for help but I don't want to waste their time when I'll probably buy them on amazon for a cheaper price. The nearest store with a nice selection of Oakley glasses is Solstice.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. separatemass

    separatemass Oakley Enthusiast

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    Sounds like you like the tens I don't consider that frame large at all. The twentys and straight jacket may be something to look at. Not sure you will find polarized for $120 unless you get them second hand.

    A pic of you face may help every face has different features that some style may or may not work with also trying them on and seeing what they look like is key in getting a pair you like.

    In the end there your glasses and you should be happy with them not everyone around you.
  3. toxic

    toxic Oakley Beginner

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    I don't think you will suit the the tens well..i've tried both the hijinx and ten but both seems to be almost the same size which is quite big to me too..my advice is always try them on first before buying..then only will you fell satisfied..
  4. the piper

    the piper Oakley Collector

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    try looking at Twentys...I have a very thin nose bridge...most of what u mentioned is too big for me...I cant tolerate polarization but as a previous poster said 120 for polarized Oakleys brand new is not likely...Fives might be in the 150 range polar...not sure...flaks have the extra larger pads for those cursed with thin nose nad they work great with me...The Half Jacket 2.0 comes with them too I think...
  5. Herbsley

    Herbsley Royal Duke of Hijinx

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    Difficult without seeing your face, but slimmer faces tend to suit Gascan and Holbrook out of the current range.

    If you can find slightly older frames . . . . try Monster Pup, Valve, Sideways, and Tangent, as they would suit your criteria.

    The Ten and Hijinx sound like they will be too large for you.
  6. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I'd be more worried about getting a pair of glasses that overpowers your face. A lot of the pairs Oakley sells are more suited toward a medium to large fit, and the trend today is to buy oversized glasses.

    The Ten is BIG. I wear them and not many other pairs fit me at all. The Hijinx is similarly sized, but doesn't have quite as much height for me, though the Hijinx has much cleaner lines.

    The best advice is to try them on! Oakley has MAP policies, so chances are if you find a shop selling Oakleys they'll be priced quite similarly to the Oakley website, and anything on Amazon, or an actual Oakley store. The only way to get them cheaper is to buy closeout pairs through the Vault, 6pm.com, etc. Oakleys don't generally go on sale.

    And keep in mind if you buy from somewhere that is a non-authorized dealer (which some of the fly-by-night sellers on Amazon are not) you could be screwed if you need warranty work.

    Last thought - why do you feel you need polarized? You're going on vacation soon, I'm assuming somewhere tropical or beachy? Just curious, if you aren't going to be near water and haven't really worn sunglasses until this point I'd tend to steer you away from the added cost.
  7. rmd89

    rmd89 Oakley Beginner

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    Thanks for the help guys, I'll definitely try on some of the glasses you suggested.

    I want polarized because they make everything look better, am I missing something? Is polarized not a clear option if you want to fork over the extra money?
  8. hearno

    hearno Oakley Collector

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    I have a long slim face.... Straight jacket 2s, and monster pups for o matter are where you should start. SJ2s are still available, pups are getting harder to find. in matte black anyways.
  9. twitch_man

    twitch_man Oakley Beginner

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    before you make a purchase look at oakleyvault.com...mega deals on stuff. and i would look at the jupiter squared. for me they are perfect. not overly huge but not way small...just right, and the fit is one of the best out there! getting the polarized is not a night and day difference from the non-pol. IMO unless a person is extremely picky and likes to have the words"polarized" on the lens then its not really nessary. the non pol. are still amazingly good quality.( i know this because i have both). i would try them on so you know the feel and look though. good luck choosing