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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by Wesleypipesyo, 6/29/17.

  1. Hello world of Oakley people. I am joining your wonderful community because I would like to purchase a pair of no longer made sunglasses. A large number of years ago I had a chance to buy them, but decided it was not worth it. Boy am I kicking myself now.

    I got my eyes laser fixed and found that cheapo sunglasses no longer were cutting the mustard. I bought me a pair of polarized whisker glasses. Absolutely love them. Wore them for several years. Zero wear on them any where. Then one day I dropped them. The first scratch was dead center of the right lens.

    So the only reasonable thing to do is run out to an Oakley store and buy a new pair. Right? My wife didn't think so. But I am off the mind ask forgiveness, not permission. That brings me to my Badmans. They are amazing. I have had them now for two years. They look like they have been worn every day for two years. Sun block is not good for the finish on the frames. Who knew. But I still wear them.

    While I will never be a collector like some people, I do enjoy a good pair of glasses.

    Party on Wayne, party on Garth.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Jmgarcia


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  3. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Welcome to the forum

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  4. QLR1



    I'm glad you said you won't be a collector like some people.

    There are different breeds of collectors on here. Some wear everything, some wear none, and some fall in between.

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  5. Nah, I wear my stuff. I dropped my badmans in the woods a few months ago. I almost threw up. But after a half hour of searching I found them. Lol.
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  6. QLR1


    My heart would have ached also.

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  7. Chris515000

    Chris515000 Premium Member

    Good story!!! Glad you like the badmans. Lot of people don't cause of the hinges. They are great glasses! Party on!

  8. I am reading a thread about the hinges now. Like I said, I am years into mine. No problems with them. Hopefully in the next two or three weeks I will be getting a new old pair of glasses.
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  9. Chris515000

    Chris515000 Premium Member

    I wore mine for 2 years everyday before they broke. Luckily I got them replaced under warranty.

  10. I tried to get my frames replaced under warranty. The Oakley vault store said I had to send them to Oakley. Oakley said they would have the glasses 3-6 weeks. I just use a Sharpie to fill in the shiny spots.
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