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Hey Guys..frm Malaysia


Oakley Beginner
Oakley sunglasses are purely class and stylish..admired oakley sunglasses since my childhood day..but sadly im not from a rich family..i work hard to get my 1st pair..it is oakley fives 3.0 green olive with blk iridium..now i've 4 including a prescription glass..i love my latest additional..it is half jacket matte rootbeer with gold iridium lense..it's suite my face...cant wait for another pair..simply love oakley...u guys such a great designer...ok thanx...
Those were the days when pieces are not overinflated. It was fun to collect in those days scalping was not an issue back then.

Scalping !! Excuse me but i hope your not referring to someone who buys lots of items during Promotions(big discount codes) /unFriendly & notFamily sales then waits a week then try's to sell here with massive profit (a little profit for time/travel and Credit Card charges is ok) because i never seen any off that take place here no sir not on this Forum .