Oakley Beginner
Just wanted to say I am glad to find this forum. I have collected Oakleys for many years (ie never throwing away an old pair). I have over 15 pairs including my original Blades, Razor Blades, M Frame Gen 2, and a few x metals including Mars. I am a collector who is looking to build a cool collection. I live in So Cal so I do most of my shopping at the HQ. Just wanted to be in contact with others who have knowledge and stuff that I may want to buy. I am currently looking for a few items so if you have any for sale hit me up: Mars Leather, lenses for gen 1 T Wire, and original romeo. Cool recent additions to my collection: Neon 2010 Razor Blades with Fire lens, stpl Razor Blades with ice lens, BOB ceramic head, Mars Leather suede baseball cap (hence I need the glasses to go with it). If you have any info on the Razor blades hit me up, I picked them up randomly on a business trip. I paid 175 and 225 for them but I could not find any info on the web.


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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