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Hey Guys!


Oakley Beginner
Hey guys.. New to the Oakley Forum, but not new to Oakley's. I've had Oakley's for years, and have had 3 different pairs. First were Straight Jackets, which I had for about 3 years, then tragically lost them somewhere in a move. Next were my Monster Pups, which I still have, but are showing major wear, and I need new lenses. Yesterday, on a whim, I walked into the Oakley Vault just to "try some on", and the wife pushed me to buy a new pair. I ended up with a nice new pair of Polished Black 5's Squared with grey lenses... Glad to be here, and glad there are a ton of Oakley lovers like me!

Here's what mine look like, although this is just a pic I pulled off the net...


Welcome to the boards! I have yet to own a pair of fives squared, since the regular fives were too small for my face. I mainly collect frogskins and holbrooks but might need to pick up a pair of those if they have +red iridium!