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Hi everyone new member!

Lee Robertson

Oakley Beginner
Premium Member
I have a small collection of X-Metals, and will be listing them for sale soon! 3 pair as follows:
#1 Mars Michael Jordan custom (hand polished) unfortunately I wore them for years until the leather was unserviceable (what a Dummy)a! Including 7 sets of lenses, and some extra parts, case, and cloth.
#2 X-Squard polished with Fuse cascade mirror installed. Original fire iridium polarized with extremely slight scratches, Fuse bronze mirror, assorted parts, X-Metal case, and cloth
#3 X-Metal Juliet with Revant ice blue mirror shield lenses, case, and cloth.
My wife was an Optician for over 30 years in East Texas, and made me prescription lenses for all of these before Oakley offered them
I have owned all of these since new, and will put together a list and pictures soon!
Any help from you folks would be greatly appreciated.

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Aloha and welcome to the Forum. :cool-33:🤙