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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by Herbsley, 8/3/11.

  1. Herbsley


    Hi everybody.

    I've been collecting all things Oakley since I bought my first pair back in the late 1990s.
    I'm currently kicking myself for not knowing about this forum before, as I think it is great to be able to share news, views, pics and thoughts about our healthy obsession with all things O.
    So, nice one, for setting this up!

    My wife is a keen collector too (OK that might be my fault), and we've got about 50 pairs between us at the moment.
    I've been clearing some older pairs out recently to make way for new arrivals. (Was a bit gutted to sell my OTTs recently, but I reeaally had to buy some more Oil Drums and a pair of Scalpel - and my wife is really keen on the Miss Conduct).

    Anyway, just thought I'd say hello and that I'm glad I found this forum. Looking forward to posting pics etc and getting acquainted with other O-nuts like me in the greater Oakley Community.

    Cheers all,

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    hi Adrian,

    welcome to the Oakleyforum. we all hope, you have fun and want to share your collection with us :eek:)

  3. SpliceD


    Welcome! I'm surprised any collector would do away with their OTT's

  4. Herbsley


    I hear what you are saying SpliceD, and it was a tough decision to make, I can tell you.

    But I gave it a lot of thought and I'm paring down my collection to those sunglasses that I actually use - and while I agree that the OTTs were a 'collectors item' - they just sat in my collection unused. So the question I kept asking myself was not 'why would I ever sell them?', but more 'why should I even keep them?'.

    Perhaps a better way to describe myself is that yes I am a collector, but I just like to use all my Oakleys too. Some people collect to have a display in a case, and I completely understand that. But I collect to use - and I try to keep a steady rotation. The OTTs weren't in the rotation, so they went.

    One day I will regret this, I am sure!
    "TRUMP" likes this.

  5. SpliceD


    I'm that way too. I won't buy it unless i can wear it. I had my chance to buy a brand new pair of Mars a couple weeks ago, but ended up not buying it because my head is too big. It would've been nice to have, but i would have never worn it.

    I could see myself wearing the OTT's, but only on very specific occasions... like say Halloween :tongue:

  6. jiveSEVEN


    Welcome to the boards man. Nice to have an old school collector such as yourself join us!

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