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Hi From The Uk


Oakley Beginner
i've loved oakleys since i was a kid, one year on summer vacation i saved all my holiday spending money, missing out on all the sweets and ice creams so that on the last day i would have enough money for my first pair, the cheapest oakley made, crystal grey frogskins with grey lenses, i loved them and still have them in my tower,
i now have 16 pairs, mostly x metals, along with 2 timebombs, many belts, keyrings and a pair of shoe one's
i've been a long time viewer of the o review site and have been looking for an actual forum to communicate with other oakley fans

so hi from me from the uk
my names paul and i live in noriwch in the uk.
i only collect the vintage oakleys, zeros, sub zeros, mumbos, m frames, razor blades.
i have completed the set of zeros and sub zeros, m frame splatters and mumbos.

hi to all members
Hi All.. new on here and also from the UK :) Ya goes without saying my only shades / glasses etc since being in my teens are all Oakley haha... Currently looking for help to find some positive red lens for frogskins (tall ask) which I did originally have but took out due to light swirls and then proceeded to lose them in various house moves aahhh.. if anyone know of any going for sale that would be great..