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Jim FactoryPilot Barker

Oakley Beginner
Hi finally got around to joining! i am a UK based Oakley collector and trader, favourites from my collection are my 03-303 Pit Boss, my 2 custom pairs of X Squared (Polished Carbon/Ice Polarized & Plasma/Clear RX) and my Dark Chrome variant Pro Racing Jackets, up for trade at present i have Romeo 1's, Whoisthiskid? Hijinx, Polarized Black Pro Racing Jackets, Juliets, Eye Jackets, to name but a few....! So if you've got it, am interested, or if you want it, i can get it! Customers currently based in UK, USA, Germany and Russia!:cool:

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Can you find a pair of what was called the new Frogskins put out from 1996-2000? I need replcement gold iridium lenses for a pairi have and tney made a White with Blue Iridium id like to find.