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  1. Brettc10

    Brettc10 Oakley Expert

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    Not sure if this has ever been talked about. I just picked up the small black pedestal case. It had some lite scuffs that would not come out after washing. I made sure it was good and clean and dusted it with Dulling Spray. It comes in a spray can and you can get it in a hobby or Art store. The marks just blended right in.

    With the surface being black and having texture that helps. Now it can't be a scratch or have the paint removed but it worked very well on the moving or storage scuffs. I have a couple of the black cases and I have used it on both of them.

    Don't spray heavy in one area or you will see it. Move around and just dust the area.

    Hope this help with some marks on those black cases.

    Please make sure you spray it outside or in a well vented area.
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