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  1. Marcus Australia

    Marcus Australia Oakley Beginner

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    Holbrook vs Twoface

    These are both very similar.

    I am after the Asian Fit version.

    Which is newer and which would you recommend and why?

    Do any of these house the Prizm Daily or Road lens?
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  2. mercbezerk

    mercbezerk Unicorn Chaser Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    The Two Face is a later version on the Holbrook. In my personal opinion I find the Two Face to be slightly heavier to wear.

    I'm a Holbrook fan, so I'm a bit bias on any comparisons between the two.

    Both have come out with a Prizm Daily Polarized lens in the Covert Collection as seen below:
    Holbrook vs Twoface - Holbrook.JPG

    Holbrook vs Twoface - Two Face.JPG