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Holbrooks being discontinued?


I am Jim Jannard...
Premium Member
Has anyone else heard "rumor" that Holbrooks are "talked" about being discontinued and taken over by the Sliver?!?
There's been talk about it for years but nothing ever materialized. One of the pairs that was suppose to outsell and eventually replace the HB is the Garage Rock but of course that never happened. So it's no surprise they want the Sliver to be the replacement but I don't think that'll happen either.
The Holbrook range coming to an end and being replaced by the Sliver is the plan. The Garage Rock was never proposed to be the replacement. There is a reason why Oakley are looking to step away from the Holbrook, but it's not something that I should be sharing on an open forum. This info came from a reliable source, but as to what time frame they are setting themselves is yet to be seen.
The Garage Rock was never proposed to be the replacement.

That's not what I heard. In fact, a number of us heard the same story from key people in corporate in 2013 or early 2014 but it never came to fruition in the end. Ultimately, the reasoning proposed was getting away from royalties to Shaun White. But I suppose it's neither here nor there now since the GR is pretty much out of the picture as it isn't exactly a powerhouse product.