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Discussion in 'Oakley Frogskins Discussion' started by jiveSEVEN, 7/12/11.

  1. jiveSEVEN


    I know this is the frogskins forum, but I wanted to get some opinions. I started collecting frogs a little late and only have about 12 pairs. A lot of the ones I want are very expensive and rare.

    Do you all think the holbrooks will get the same fanbase as frogskins in the future? They are really growing on me, and I figure I might as well start the collection early and get my hands on them early before they get too rare. I know they're not limited edition so they probably won't be worth as much in the future. However, I know they are getting really popular nowadays especially after that Gold Holbrook launch party in NYC. Glad I got my STPL's when they first came out!

    So what do frogskins collectors think of holbrooks?

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  2. FrogTastic


    Holbrooks are awesome. But doubt they will get as much of a following as Frogs. Look at the Jupiter. They were suppose to replace the Frogs and have fallen very short.

  3. jiveSEVEN


    Yea I totally agree that they will not get as much of a following as frogs. I think they will become more popular than the Jupiter though. There is more exposure, especially with Shaun White's signature. I don't even own a pair of Jupiters. They never caught my attention. I don't like the shape of the arms at all!

  4. wrist


    Only time will tell. Lets give it a year or so after theyve been discontinued and see what the demand for them looks like. Dont think it will be as large a following as the Frogs, nothing will compare, but I think theyll carve out their own niche following. But before they do, theyve gotta get crazier with the colors/collabs/signatures n ****.

  5. OBlazer


    They might discontinue particular styles of holbrooks within a year but they definitely wont discontinue the style as a whole. Even the readily available styles are flying off the shelves and the retail stores are having trouble keeping up with the demand.

  6. jiveSEVEN


    You're definitely right about that. I am glad I am gettin in the game early!

  7. The Game

    The Game

    There's no nostalgia value to holbrooks. They will never be as big as frogskins. The only one worth collecting is the FMJ gold

  8. jk-27

    jk-27 Premium Member

    I like the Holbrooks, I just don't like the way they look on me.

  9. Batwolf

    Batwolf Premium Member

    Holbrooks > Frogskins

    On a nostalgic level the Frogskins are definitely the winner but on an everyday, wear them out of the house pair the Holbrook definitely takes the cake. The Frogskins are an old design, from the small base curve to the way they fit on your face. The Holbrook is the Frogskin for the new generation with superior fit and coverage.

    And rest assured, more cool colorways will come out for these and when it does that's when the Holbrook will start to take over.

  10. jiveSEVEN


    You're definitely right. But how could there be nostalgia value to holbrooks when they've been out for what...a year and a half? This is just the beginning. The FMJ Gold is a great start as a holbrook collectible. Actually shoot the STPL is even a fine piece of art, especially in person. I don't think holbrooks will ever be as big as frogskins, but they are a good alternative. They are also going to be a more successful "evolution" to the frogskins versus the jupiter. I foresee more limited releases of holbrooks being released.

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