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  1. I just got my first Oakley watch, and it's the Standard Issue Holeshot. I was weary at first because I had some negative reviews, and even with my SI discount it was a little pricey on a military paycheck, but i'm deployed and really needed a watch so I pulled the trigger on it and I couldn't be happier. It's heavy (but not too heavy) and it very nice. I've received several compliments already. It's my first Oakley item outside of my glasses and hat, and now i'm hooked. Now i'm looking at their Kitchen or Bathroom sink book bags...
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. bad fishy

    bad fishy Oakley Expert

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    Congrats. The SI Holeshot is gets the most wrist time out of my 6 watches due to its comfort and functionality. Black pretty much goes with anything so It's always my go-to watch.
  3. TheBayouBeast

    TheBayouBeast Oakley Beginner

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    The mechanism pack will fit right in if you're deployed. She's a beauty. Picked one up a couple months ago.
  4. Yeah thats one rugged looking pack, it's on the list now too (and is available on SI)
  5. Teetogreen

    Teetogreen Oakley Collector

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    Great watch. Thanks for your service.
  6. And thank you for the kind words.
  7. OOO

    OOO Be True

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    I wore one for a while some years back. Very fitting for a military man. Congrats. Most importantly, thank you and all your buddies for your sacrifices.:hi:
  8. You guys are the best, thank you!
  9. Oakley_Sight

    Oakley_Sight Gotta love a good DOG

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    I've seen the pictures of the SI Holeshot & love it. Nice, simple & the badge is set off great with the black. Love to get hold of one.
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  10. Someone is selling one on eBay for $650. I reported him to Oakley though, so you may want to act quick.