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How Big Are Oakley Watches?


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Ok, So recently I have been checking out some of Oakleys watches, and they seem awesome. I love the designs of them, the only thing I don't like is the price tag :shock: , but w/e. My question is, when I look at the watches on the website, they seem pretty big, but I know Oakley's products sometimes look different than the websites pictures.

Specifically I was looking at the gearbox: http://www.oakley.com/products/6625/24777
Minute Machine(gotta start with the more affordable ones :mrgreen: ) http://www.oakley.com/products/4825/16161

So I was just wondering how big are the watches, average, big, small?

Well let me start of by saying they are worth the price! For what your paying you are getting an amazing watch, all Swiss made, just awesome...Now down to your question, watch size depends on how your like your watch. Some are pretty big, OMM (Minute Machine) and Gearbox are both on the large size. The Gearbox is probly a bit larger face and pretty fat on your wrist as well and another thing is if you look at the pic online dial is on the left and its pretty big. The OMM is more slim on the face. Its probly about an inch square box face and its about the same all the way to the bracelet. I hope that helps your out my man. If u have any more questions ask away!

I work for Oakley so if there are any other things you want to know about them just let me know!
ok thanks a bunch, I really like the Gearbox design. I will probably keep an eye out to see if they release any on Oakley Vault, because they have awesome deals. I was also wondering if they have the watches in Oakley stores, so I could try them on and see them in person first?

Probly won't see a Gearbox in the Vault for a long time, its one of there newest watches. The Vaults get things that have been discontinued. But yes most stores will carry watches. Mine does for sure, just make sure you go to a O-Store not a Vault store. I would most def try and take a look at them if you can. You'll love them even more! Trust me!
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