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How Do You Decide?


I have a few pair.....
Upstate New York
How do you decide what you are after ( as far as collecting )? is it frame style, limited editions, artists series, price point, future profit potential etc.?

For me......right now.... I have a huge B-O-N-E-R for the Antix series!
Its really up to you, if you like the Antix frame I suggest you try and get every color combination they have of it. Personally I just get what looks cool and what I can wear, but I would like to one day collect all of the fundraising frames (Livestrong, Infinite Hero, TACA, etc). There are other people that also focus on certain series such as the Ducati or Livestrong. Whatever you decide to collect Good luck and happy hunting!
How it looks on me. I just took a trip to the O-Store and the only in production model outside of the X Metals, Pit Boss and Straight Jacket that looked remotely good on me was the Batwolf. Guess thats one way to save money lol
How it looks on me is primary... Now I'm just left with a few x metals and limited / special edition Jawbones and Gascans, I've sold quite a few of the others.
U'll soon realize that, along the way, u'll go thru different phases of collecting and liking different series... have fun!!
I don't separate collectable glasses from glasses I wear cuz I wear everything I buy. So that leads to what frame fits me. After I find a frame I like I usually go for a limited edition or signature series variant. If there is no option for that then ill look at the polarized versions and if i dont like those ill look for the rare color like grape juice holbrook for example then buy polarized lenses for it to make it unique to me. I never buy a model that I keep just to profit off of it.
Just as the above have said, it's what frame looks good. I wear everything i buy. I don't collect Oakleys just to collect them. I just continue buying more frames because i love the look.
I'm all in for Ruby Iridium. I don't care if it fits me because I normally don't wear them. I have a women's model, some that look horrible on me and everything in between.
I personally don't care for customized items and I also never think about making profit out of them.

I think this is really a case by case, each collector will have a drive, so go for whatever your heart tells you. If you're having a crush on Antix items, go for it! Just send us pictures :D

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