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How do you keep track of your collection?


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I was chatting with someone last night and the topic of inventory came up. That got me thinking, what do y'all do for keeping track of stuff?

I have an excel workbook with different sheets for glasses, watches, display stuff, spare parts, everything, even a want list. Each sheet has all the details of the purchase and if it was sold it has all that info too. It goes back as far as 1999 as that's the oldest receipts I could find when I started it. I've always kept records but when I started working insurance claims I realized the need for it.

I can't believe The Listmiester hasn't brought this up yet!

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Oakley G

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Yeah out of what is available, O Review is by far the best method to keep track of stuff, post it's picture and tie it into an overall database.

Aaron Barr

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Detroit, MI
I do O-Review and its been great from the start but it is tedious. Worth it though. You can export a spreadsheet that is sortable so that would get rid of the need to do both. There are only a few categories that export tho, so I make sure to put the sku as the purchase price (easiest thing to sort by IMO), and the collection or recognizable name of the frame as the serial number (such as B1B or STPL). Works pretty well for me. I do from time to time run into frames that exist that aren't in the o review database but Im sure with everything out there Oakley that is a hard task to keep up on, and for the most part they are in there. Just some new releases or rare as Frogs have come up unfound on the database.

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