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How do you keep track of your collection?

Oakley G

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You can lose data on any platform for any variety of reasons. The key is always to have backup of your data. Unfortunately for those using the O Review, they didn't download their collection every so often. It's a good thing I downloaded my collection from the O Review every so often so I am all set. But when the O Review comes back, I will still use their platform because it is really is the best method for keeping track of your collection, but I will be even more vigilant on downloading and backing up my data. I recommend everyone do the same, and the advice goes for any platform you choose to use. I've lost enough data due to corrupt hard drives and USB sticks that I know it's worth the extra hassle.

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Personal spreadsheets with all the info I need. I did start to upload to O-Review but it was really clunky and cumbersome and didn't add value to me personally over and above the spreadsheets, so I never finished.


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Pretty much wired.
I only recently learned how to download my OReview collection data, but not how to keep it...
All is lost.
Lucky me, I only have a small collection squirrelled away...60, or is it 61...


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Reviving this to see if anyone has messed with barcode scanning and inventory management apps.


My thought was to group everything into it's own box/bag and attach a barcode or simply scan the SN one on the box with my phone. then an app would do 1 of 2 things: if it already exists, it would pull up the record for the item, or, prompt you to fill out a form for a new record.

I would use the categories already in O-review and list them as a pull-down option.

Finally, either on a website or on the phone, add photos, link receipts any relevant info.

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