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How Long Does It Take For S.I. Items To Come Back In Stock?


Oakley Beginner
there are a couple items on oakley's S.I. site that i would like to order. they have both been "backordered" for a few weeks. both items are still in stock on oakley.com. so i figured it would just be a matter of oakley sending them to the S.I. warehouse. does anyone know how long it usually takes to get an item back in stock? and is it possible that they are in stock and the website hasn't been updated? the items i want are the kitchen sink bag and infinite hero necessity glasses.
I don't know how often they update the site because when I ordered a pair of Infinite Hero Fuel Cells it showed that they would ship in 3-4 weeks when I placed my order, but I received them in 3 days. On the flip side though, when I ordered the Burnquist Fuel Cells it showed that they were available to ship the next and it took almost 2 months for those to show up.
i think oakley has really dropped the ball recently. it seems like anything you look at on their website is backordered 3-4 weeks. i can't even get red earsocks for my flak jackets! and all over this message board are threads of people saying it has taken months to receive their orders