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Oakley Sports eyewear is still ok for the most part.

The lens quality has gone down, and if you have noticed, they don’t use the ANSI z87.1 rating much anymore.

For RX, there are WAY better companies out there.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Beginner
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Just joined the forum, and wow, I thought I was a dedicated Oakley fan... bought my first pair of Mumbos when I graduated high school in 91... original “Oakley” logo on the hammers. Since, I have had prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses. Whiskers, Square Wires, Lizard, Metal Plates, Tin Cups, and now want to build a small collection of M Frame variations. I have an old Mumbo and an SI Ballistic 2.0 Frame on the way, and will give the ESS URX insert a try.


Oakley Beginner
Been loyal since ‘93 after finally getting contacts,immediately bought some blue M frames...one of the first guys in my navy squadron to have the eye jackets...everyone followed next port visit and got them...then it’s been dozens since..to include Rx glasses for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan so I wouldn’t have to wear Wiley X or ESS

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