I put the G in GMoney
Even 1 metal is a good thing and you have many more than 1!
My problem is I have been collecting X metals for over 12 years, hell I cant remember when it started.

At one point like 6 or 7 years ago I started selling off the ones I didnt wear, or didnt think they looked good on me like my Mars. Plasma XX
So on and so forth
My idea was to just keep a manageable collection and only stuff I would wear. All my new never worn Shelf stuff got sold
Makes me almost cry now.

Im on my second wind so to speak, wishing I had never sold the X metals , and plan on never selling the ones I have now
Live and learn I guess

Yea from like 35 down to 12 now.
Its really SAD when I think about it

Red Tiger

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Hello at all, I collect X- Metals and want to know how many X- Metals you have in your collection.
I have a lot of Juliets, many Pennys, more than 20 X Squared, a few XX, a few Half X, 7 Romeo1, 6 Romeo2
and just one Mars, because I don´t like to wear the Mars.
So let me know how many X- Metals you have if you want.
Hello my name is David aka Red Tiger, I have bought my first pair of Oakley's 1995 a pair of e-wire's & been hooked ever since, I have 4 pairs of Juilets 3 plasma frames with Ice, Fire & emerald & then X-Metal frame with ruby.

Thanks David

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