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How Much is my Oakley Watch Worth / Value Thread, Ask about Prices here

Thanks for your answers.
Yes I have the original packaging.
It's work but just acumulator is tired because it's a TB1.
I would want to sell it.
Thanks again.
Might take a look at the selling guidelines in the exchange and when you get two weeks under your belt and 14 post made you can post a sales thread! Very nice watch and good luck!

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What’s the going rate for either a Killswitch or FuseBox watch please? Thanks in advance OF 👍



3-400 is the average on KS. Sometimes you can find then for less if you are lucky especially the white. Fuse box 275-350.
I missed a KS recently in the group with extra bezel’s,since I’ve been a member Dont think I’ve seen a FuseBox for sale,is it a fact they are prone to stop working?
Thanks for the reply, much appreciated & Iam keeping my eyes peeled