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  1. JayMann

    JayMann Oakley Collector

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    So seen as though i've fitted these ikea LED lights to my case and have had so many of you ask how to fit these i thought i may as well do i little how to guid to help you rest of you guys out.

    So first you'll need to get yourself a set of these light... http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20119418/

    The kit will look something like this (sorry i had to take mine apart as i had already fitted it)

    How To Guide - How To Fix LED Lights - A0B11DF3-E9DD-4379-8558-91501B0C691E-3814-000002262042F412_zps8e4fbeff-1_zpscd41e31f.jpg

    1. Power pack
    2. 4 LED lights
    3. 2 corner connecters (these are to help fill the gap in the case as the 4 LED light aren't quite big enough to fill the case top to bottom but will do with these connecters)
    4. Lead from the power pack to the LED lights (although you get 4 of these lead you don't need them)

    This is what your lights need to look like

    How To Guide - How To Fix LED Lights - 2F58B09C-9AAB-4B6D-BC92-7AA5115A9438-3814-000002263228B289_zpsaecf92b7.jpg

    You'll need to have them looking like this in the case but no need to fit them this way right now ( pic just for demonstration)

    Here you can see i've fitted 1 of the lights and 1 of the connecters.

    How To Guide - How To Fix LED Lights - 3A10B7A9-1418-4043-AE07-7A92CACC96E4-3814-0000022655B362C5_zps6a9aa78e.jpg

    To fit the first light you'll need to fit it from the bottom shelf going in at a angle and sliding it in to place. It is a little tight but they'll be fine.

    Then on to the second light (as you can see in the above pic I have already got the second light waiting to go in to place) going in on the second shelf this time and connecting the second light to the first light with the already connected corner connecter.

    Now your first and second lights should look something like this...

    How To Guide - How To Fix LED Lights - DCF980DE-E580-4645-9C6D-C20C1298F38F-3814-000002266B5C4948_zps971eb2c3.jpg

    Now you'll just have to do them same with the second and third light and using the remanning corner connecter.

    How To Guide - How To Fix LED Lights - AADB3C64-AC0E-47A5-8A01-6F930B7A6B1A-3814-000002267650429B_zps98066395.jpg

    On the remanning 4th light all you'll need to do is slot it directly in to 3ed light.

    Once you have all the lights connected inside the case its time to get the lead (no.3 on the first pic) from the power pack. I found it easiest to just to push the plastic cover on top of the case up a little and side the cable in to the case.

    How To Guide - How To Fix LED Lights - FD563240-B0A5-4EFE-826D-582EA7BD2331-3814-00000226861D52F0_zps22b5dcee.jpg

    Give the cable one final tug from the top of the case pulling any slack back through so you see as little cable as possible

    How To Guide - How To Fix LED Lights - F5A2247D-F0C8-4274-B71E-9FC11FDFFA9C-3814-0000022949AA9475_zps0cb220f0.jpg

    There you have it Ikea LED light's kit fitted to your case no holes no messing just 10 mins of your time!

    I hope this helps!

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