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  1. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    After introducing OakleyExchange I got a lot of feedback on what you guys did and didn't want for exchanges. What the future holds is uncertain, but I would like some direct input on what you guys think could make exchanges easier, make the exchange system better and safer.

    My ideas are this:
    "Marketplace" integrated into the forum
    Exchange sections still exist with threads for each transaction
    On the top of a thread is an area with a "bid"/"buy it now" box and timer for time left

    Here's how it would ideally work:

    For sellers:
    1)Enter relevant forum
    2)Click "Post thread"
    3)Enter title of item
    4)Select Prefix WTB, WTS, WTT(already on our forum)
    5)Sale End in : This drop down menu to select from it when want to end this thread, and you have to select form the option in the menu (Never, 24 Hours, 3 Days, 7 Days, 14 Days, or 30 Days).
    6) Auction Start price if bidding auction
    7) "Buy it now" option and price if this i
    8) Domestic Shipping box/International Shipping box(allow two different inputs depending on where buyer is)
    9) Enter paypal email address for payment
    10)Item info/pics goes in thread just like now
    11) Once a buyer buys and item and pays, seller recieves a PM with an alert and shipping information of the buyer!

    For buyers
    1)Click on thread you are interested in
    2)On top of thread you see "Bid" and/or "Buy it now" box Paypal icon. Similar to the picture below without all the info on the right
    3)Bidding works like ebay
    4)Clicking buy it now, shows prompt informing of binding contract to pay within 72 hours
    5)"Buy it Now" will direct buyer to paypal after confirmation.
    6)Buyer selects Domestic or International shipping (two separate prices if defined by seller)
    7)Pay via paypal, then asks for shipping information
    8)Seller is notified via PM of sale, and given shipping information
    9)IF bidding, once auction ends, Buyer is sent PM telling he won, and sending link for payment
    10) Seller is notified when paid, given shipping information

    Feedback would still go through itrader
    Completely integrated into the forum

    This would allow us to lower the restrictions on the exchange sections(though I would probably make a "trusted" forum for members with high post counts/been around a while, to interact). Could still post WTB/WTT threads, but WTS would go through paypal. You would pay the paypal 3%, but at this point, you should be doing that anyway.

    This is my IDEAL system. It is obviously an extremely large undertaking, but I am thinking about researching into it and working on it.

    But first, I would like to get everyones feedback on this. Is something missing? Do you like it? Hate it? What's wrong with it? What's right with it?

    Like I said, just an idea right now, but I would love input, ideas etc. Just trying to make the board better/safer.
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  2. sunglassfiend

    sunglassfiend Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    I think this system would be cool. I have seen other forums with awesome marketplaces similar to what you are describing, and it is great since it operates similar to ebay, but you are still dealing with the forum and people you know on the forum. I think another payment option like "cash" or something similar would be good since it would allow members to perform transactions outside of paypal, but I also know your trying to make it safer, so paypals good for that. Just my 2 cents
  3. ChrisTopherloaf

    ChrisTopherloaf Oakley Beginner

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    I like the idea though I'm new. I don't know quite how it used to be but I'm mostly here for learning anyway and ill possibly buy something. I do like the idea of the feedback forum so I'd stick with that for sure.
  4. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    I would probably do it with the option of either paypal or other. Making paypal integrated and instant for payment, and other not.

    Anyone else have input? Like it? Hate it?
  5. amp

    amp Oakley Beginner

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    Perhaps have Google Checkout / Wallet as a secondary merchant. Too many and myself included can send PayPal to hell, lol.
  6. rockjose

    rockjose Oakley Beginner

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    this would be helpful for sellers and buyers to be protected from scums..
  7. Uluahunter

    Uluahunter Oakley Collector

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    Boss - Thanks a million for all of your efforts with moving the system forward with the times. I just registered on the Exchange site and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop and grow. I've had mostly good experiences using the original exchange on the boards (and a few bad), but with all the added members and increasing transactions, the sytem definitely needed a change. I just wanted to thank you and the mods for all of your hard work behind the scenes. Mahalo!

    - simple, easy to read layout
    - easy to navigate
    - no fee structure to sell
    - PayPal for payments and protection

    Could use improvement:
    - Listings that have expired are still showing as active, while others show a "expired/closed" status...confusing. Is the status controlled by the seller? Can the listing be updated to show that it's been sold or no longer available, or just delete the listing completely? Idk, maybe I'm missing something, I still need to dig deeper into the structure...
    - maybe add an option to post more than (5) photos....along with a requirement that stock photos or screen grabs cannot be used (don't know if this already exists). I personally like to see as much photos of the actual item being sold, especially if there's flaws listed in the description.

    I'll provide more feedback if I find anything else...thanks again!
  8. tarheel7734

    tarheel7734 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I think this would be a good idea with a trusted forum for trusted members to trade and make deals between themselves. I dont want this site to become a place where people only sell their products. I also feel that if you use the system to sell and make money you should have to give back to the forum in a fee to help support the forum.
  9. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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