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How to paint text on frames?


Oakley Beginner
Hey, I was looking at painting some frames for my girlfriend for christmas. I have painted frames before so thats not an issue but I was wondering how to paint text on the frame? I want to write her name above the lens on a radarlock frame. I've tried looking at stencils but I'm struggeling trying to find some small enough.
Heres a pic of what I want the text to be, not necesserily this font.

Thanks alot.

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Oakley Collector
Premium Member
Lifetime Member
I know craft stores in the USA have lacquer based paint pens in all kinds of colors, just find someone with nice hand writing, that ain't me, sorry, lol!!!!!


El Zach
Premium Member
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Sunny San Diego
You could have a vinyl shop cut some sticker stencils for you that you can us as masking. Have them take the letters out of the sticker. Apply it spray your color remove the sticker and you have what your after.

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