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Single best thread on this forum. My guess is you do this sort of walkthrough on other sites? No way this is your first crack at it haha.


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I'm happy my contribution is so well received! I searched and searched for information concerning the inner workings of the TB and that Seiko movement when it was broken, but had really no luck. Plenty out there on how to change the capacitor, but nothing else. @Yeti, this is my first big one like this. I was lucky to find another watch site that the gent who had made up a bunch of tutorials was a genius at breaking everything down for you, so I tried to model mine after all of his. There was a lot of editing over a long time to make it sound right to me. Lol. I wanted it to be easy enough to follow without leaving any steps out or assumptions in. Now if someone wants to give/sell me a broken Minute Machine I'd be happy to do up another one... :)


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Thanks for this guide. I successfully replaced the capacitor on my time bomb a while back so am very pleased. The watch now runs perfectly and holds charge for a very long time. Just as a word of caution to anyone attempting this, on my second time bomb attempt at capacitor replacement, I was almost complete and had swapped out the old cap for new and had only the one screw to go reseating this, but I must have been a little over zealous on turning the screw and had applied a little too much pressure which pushed the receiving ferrule into the movement so the screw now had nothing to grip. Therefore when putting and screws back in, do not press at all, simply let the screw find its thread and go gently !!
I was a little fortunate as I contacted the seller on eBay from whom I purchased the capacitor, who offered to fix this problem for me. The watch is now sorted to my relief!
Thanks again for the write up!


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Beautiful write up: the photos are great!

I read on another thread on O-Review(Replacing a Time Bomb Capacitor), about, how to 're-energise' the capacitor by laying your TimeBomb on or around a recharger(in this instance it was an old Electric Toothbrush charger), with the time/date winder facing upwards. I tried it, leaving the charger on for about 18 hours and it worked a treat. I now have my TB working as it was
whilst I was O-Review I also noticed Time Bomb Bracelet Pad
SKU:10-431 .......the broken rubber pieces, and the watch Crystal SKU: 10-306

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A massive well done and thanks. i brought a oakley collection and the timebomb was super scratched and not ticking i can sort the scratches but never thought about trying to fix the watch till now. i can hear a noise when i move the watch weight not sure if thats normal also the knob pulls straight off so i will clean it and check the release lever. thanks again


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You bet! The watch should make a slight whirring noise as the weight spins. The setting knob shouldn't pull out without hitting the release. Might be gunked up in there.


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I have to admit that I was leery of buying a Time bomb because I was afraid of a dead capacitor. Well after finding this write up, I went out an got one!

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