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How To Use : Steep And Cheap Deal Sites And Sac Alerts


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Ok guys and Gals, if you are not familiar with Steep and Cheap, this is a revolving deal site that has Oakleys sunglasses, apparel and just about anything you need for outdoors (Northface, Marmot, etc) I have been buying Oakley stuff from them for about 5 years, and over those years they have ALWAYS been perfect.

A little history....

Steep and Cheap sells random stuff for 20 minutes or until it sells out. Their home site is Backcountry.com, there outlet is departmentofgoods.com They sell alot of Oakley stuff on the Steep and Cheap website but you could miss it if your not logged in.

So hardcore buyers created sacalerts, which can text or email you the general item you are looking for based on keywords. I have been using this for a couple of years and it is AWESOME.....Backcountry aso has the following deal sites which they put Oakley stuff up onto: WhiskeyMilitia.com, Bonktown.com, and Chainlove.com ... Bonktown and chainlove sell lotsa mountain bike gear too....

Here is the link: SteepandCheap - SAC Alerts: Gear Alerts via Text Message and Email |

Sign up, put in your keywords, and set up your alerts.

Dont forget to register on a deal alert site too, because then you won't miss a deal by wasting time tring to sign up as the deal ticks away....

Sign up on one of these and the rest will automatically accept your log in: I.E Register on steep and cheap and you will be able to use your login on the other 3 with no issue.....

Steep and Cheap: Lamson Konic Fly Reel - $76.95 - 52% off

WhiskeyMilitia.com: Nixon Newton Watch - Men's - $49.99 - 60% off

Chainlove.com: Castelli Premiata Short - Women's - $59.99 - 60% off

Chainlove.com: Castelli Premiata Short - Women's - $59.99 - 60% off
I got onto steep about 2 months ago and have been trying to figure out how to stop missing the Oakley deals.

How do you punch in keywords? Also, thanks for the links! Much appreciated.

Once you register on the site, go to the settings page. Up in the green task bar you will find "keywords" click on it. Then click add keyword. Choose the site you want to follow, and type in the keyword. I use "oakley" so that it sends me sms messages any time an Oakley item pops up.

You can add different keywords if you are interested in other items too. MAKE SURE!!!!! You read how the keyword system works, expand the "more info" button and read carefully.

Recently there has been alot of goggles, and winter ski jackets. The site is very cool, which you can also look for past deals by name. Make sure all your info is correct.
If you folks have google chrome, I'd recommend snapping those widgets on :). It's nice having all four sites going at once. I work off my computer 99% of the time, so they're always counting down :D. Thanks again metal!
Twice now, the Eyepatch on sale haha. Question though xmetal, if you signed up at the steepandcheep stie, does it also update for the other four sites? Or do I have to go and register at all four as well? This thing is so confusing lol.