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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by Stevez48, 11/16/18.

  1. Stevez48


    Totally new here... heard about the website from a sales guy at the Mall of America Oakley store. The dude was super knowledgeable... unfortunately why j went there was not something he could help me with. I have a pair or original XX's (2000) a d love them...but in need of some new ear socks.

    Cant find them Anywhere so he suggested trying here. I see there are some, but I need to go through the waiting period and post requirements first.

    Looking to learn more, and see if there are alternative ear socks that others have used as well inlieu of OEM ones.

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  2. Wavecloud Customs

    Wavecloud Customs Premium Member

    Welcome :)

    You’re in the right place...

  3. Scarface

    Scarface Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Hi and welcome Steve,
    You will find all you need here don't worry

  4. Riga Mortis

    Riga Mortis

    Hi welcome

  5. Bonz-1

    Bonz-1 Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Welcome home sir!!
    UouY money will soon be gone!!
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  6. Stevez48


    Appreciate that folks... honestly I like these small communities... people are generally welcoming and always a ton of info and insight :D
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  7. Lars



  8. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    Whats up steve-O. If you're talking about the XX omatter, i have earsocks and nosebombs for them.

    What color do you need?
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  9. Stevez48


    These are the plastic XX vintage. The 2000 version with XX in the nose bridge, no word Twenty there.

    Have mat black, so black would be amazing.

  10. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    I got em in black, brown, orange, and blue

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