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Hunting for screws!


Oakley Beginner
Hi guy's,
New member here, my Oakley O-wire 11-509's need replacement screws but I'm having a nightmare
locating any.
I purchased a small container of glasses screws and none were the right size.....typical!
The screws I need are the one's for holding the lenses in, so kinda important. :)
Any ideas??

Being an Rx frame, I'd assume any good optician could fit them.
I've also had some success with industrial supply shops, though you may have to purchase 100 at a time...
I don't mind that.
I purchased a small box of screws from ebay, it contained 1000 in 18 different sizes.
Yup, you've guessed it......non of them were the right size. :(
Opticians that sell Oakley often have a box of spare parts for Wires. They will probably fix them while you wait.