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  1. don7pan1c

    don7pan1c Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys! Just got my first pair of Oakleys (Crankcases) so you can imagine my excitement ;D

    When I ordered them through Oakley's website I also ordered a case and a hydrophobic kit. Before they arrived I watched a few videos online on how to apply the hydrophobics, and I knew that you should apply them to the lenses and wait about 30 seconds for the solution to bead.

    What surprised me was that when I applied the solution to the front of the lenses, it beaded immediately on contact. Also, the hydrophobic pen's box was opened on arrival. This leads me to believe that Oakley might've applied the solution to the lens in the factory before they sent it? That was nice of them :D

    The backs of the lenses applied like normal; at first the solution was a wet film across the whole back of the lens, and then it beaded after about 30 seconds.

    Just something I thought would be interesting to note.
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  2. Miller325ci

    Miller325ci Oakley Beginner

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    i think the lenses you got... that came on the frame were lenses with built in hydrophobic coating... some still do have it...
  3. I don't believe the Crankcase is one of the frames that still gets the Hydro coating. I just bought a pair from my local O-Store and I'm positive they aren't coated, because I really wish they were. Unless they vary what gets coated by lens color, I'd say its a good chance someone put the coating on for you.
  4. erap

    erap Oakley Expert

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    does it also work as a lens cleaner because the description on amazon includes lens cleaner as well