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  1. Rezechs

    Rezechs Oakley Enthusiast

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    I'm curious how many of you guys own/use the oakley hydrophobic treatment kit and how it works for you as I am considering buying it for various pairs of mine that are not treated because I hate having the dust and oil stick to my lenses i know it obviously won't be as good as a factory treated pair.
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  2. I use it and it works pretty well. I've never owned a pair with the factory applied coating but people say it isn't as good as that. I know it definitely makes water and sweat sheet off the lenses, and they are much easier to keep clean. I've put it on every pair I have including extra lenses because there is a noticeable difference in how things "stick" to the lenses without it.
  3. luddy2009

    luddy2009 Oakley Beginner

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    I use it for all of my glasses; including my Ray-Bans and my Costa Del Mar's. It really does work well on all brands. I've especially noticed on my Costa's that the salt water, while fishing, just sheets right off of the lenses. Salt water can be pretty destructive and I've never had any issues with lenses coated in the Hydrophobic Oakley formula.