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I bought fake gascans so you dont have to. Heres what you need to know!!!

Brian D

Oakley Enthusiast
Well I bought replica / fake gascans to see and tell you what to look out for.

I'm honestly impressed with them. They feel right, look right, are polorized (yup they passed the test), and dont feel like junk.

So lets start this post from the start.

Facebook market place. $55 gascans WOW!!! They are polorized and the yellow ones in the bottom have a deer logo where it would normally say polarized. Toss in a real oakley box in the back of the photo. And a fake bag as the first red flag. Overall impressive enoff to make me buy a pair.

So I waited, and I got them!!! First off they came in a nice fake case with a fake bag.

As for the Gascans I had to grab another pair of real ones to start looking them over. First issue is the oakley logo is not colored plastic but a venal wrap.


The next big thing is the arms and front are caste differently and are missing the two numbers impressions.

Real arm cast look like this below. You can see the tab the brake off so its not a clean smooth surface at the end. Also you can see it does not have a casting round mark like the fakes, but it does have the two number impression.

Next is they all have the same fake number on them. 03-471 6017

Another small detail is the hole at the hing is just a little smaller then the real ones.

So this is not everything wrong with them vs the original but Ive got to say other than the logo peel you could not tell these are fakes / replica if you saw someone wearing them. Mostly all the issues are inside the joints with the manufacturing of the casts.

If anyone has quesstions ill be glad to answer and show off more details.

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