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Discussion in 'Oakley Collections Area' started by redovermind, 4/10/11.

  1. redovermind


    Hello all. im a first time poster

    im hooked on this style.

    lmk what you think

    Gascan Bob Burnquist Signature Black Grey 24-146

    I Have A GASCAN Fetish - IMG_0821.jpg
    I Have A GASCAN Fetish - IMG_0816.jpg
    I Have A GASCAN Fetish - IMG_0818.jpg

    Gascan Juan Pablo Montoya Signature Iridium 24-166

    I Have A GASCAN Fetish - IMG_0820.jpg
    I Have A GASCAN Fetish - IMG_0815.jpg
    I Have A GASCAN Fetish - IMG_0823.jpg

    My $20 mexico fakes

    I Have A GASCAN Fetish - IMG_0819.jpg

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. stepasyd


    wow, i was just about to post as soon as i looked at the first pic and say that i never realized that the BB signatures came in carbon fiber, then i realized it was the pattern of what the glasses are sitting on...

  3. redovermind


    yeah it wasnt the best place to take a pic

  4. Eyespy39


    Nice collection. I love my gascans that I just got today. Gotta figure out how to tighten up the legs on them though. They are kinda loose when I open and close them. And they could be a little more snug on my head as well. But overall I love them!

  5. RetinaBurn


    I love that style too! I have quite a few pairs also. I really like your Bob Burnquist's, I may have to consider getting a pair. Nice Gascans! Thanks for sharing!

  6. FrogTastic


    Have you seen these gas cans yet - White Text, David Flores 1, David Flores 2 and C100.

  7. FrogTastic


  8. RetinaBurn


    FrogTasic, the White w/text I believe was a Oakley Sales Rep Release (only given to Oakley Sales Reps) and not for sale to the general public. The David Flores and C100 have long since been sold out and eBay is about the only place you will find them. Good luck if your looking to get a pair.

  9. FrogTastic


    I was a Sales Rep and used to have them all, before I decided to focus on Frogskins.

  10. redovermind


    those are killer

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