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  1. Do most special edition Oakley's gain value if they are still BNIB and all? I was thinking of maybe getting all the Tour de France 100th anniversary editions and was wondering if I held onto them for a while, would they be worth something in a few years?
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  2. tmsnewberry

    tmsnewberry Oakley Enthusiast

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    Most likely not with those pairs.... Normally the ones that gain value are pairs that you have definite numbers of production behind or something that is just entirely unique. There are a few that are exceptions. I'm sure some members will have other opinions on this but we all have our own opinions.
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  3. big bopper

    big bopper Oakley Enthusiast

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    Usually this. It's limited production numbers that drive value more often than not. I only bought the Cav Radarlock out of the series as it came with the cap and cool microbag. The others are a little bit 'meh'.