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I Just Got The Mother Of All Discounts


Oakley Expert
Long Island, NY
Well My father, brother and I all got laser surgery, which gives us a lifetime $150 off Oakleys AND buy one get one free, once a year for life. my father and brother don't care. So as long as they are less than $150 I get 6 free pairs of Oakleys each year :dance3: If it is over I pay the difference, and I can order what I want if they don't have it at Lenscrafters. :laugh:
You deserve all the free pairs you can handle.... Just the thought of lasers and my eyes, dont mix!!! LOL I hope everyone see's better now... My mom had the surgery and had some swelling for a week... I felt bad for her...
Form an orderly que to speak to our new BEST FRIEND, Enders. Do you know i've always liked you even though we've never met....................LOL. That is unreal, worth going thru the surgery to get the bonus?
WOW man, you guys are so lucky. Well, now I have an extra reason to get my Lasik. One thing i will make sure is i get that deal :cool:
if you have this discount you dont have the mother of the discount, you have the mother of the luck hahahahaha, congrat for this discount