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I need suggestions for my next frame which will be the Plank 2.0?

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Hello. I have been an Oakley frames owner for many years. I’ve wore Socket (not sure which version) and currently have the Crosslink Switch in Satin Black color. The size says 53 - 18 and on arms it says 140 OX3128-0153.

My top 2 choices were Airdrop and Plank 2.0. I went to a LensCrafter and the male staff member said Plank 2.0 looks better on me. He said I have a top boxed shape face and bottom is narrow. After comparing prices online I found that Eye Buy Direct was the cheapest overall. It has a medium size of 53-18-139. The 139 is off from 140. Would that matter?

I do have gray hair mixed with black hair on both sides of my head. I am a 44 year old single straight male and want to look younger and also attract women. What color frames do I go with? Satin Black which had a blue Oakley logo on both sides of arms or the polished grey smoke?

Attached image is my latest prescription.

Do I need to spend extra money on 1.74? Based on my prescription I need ‘Distance’ lens right? I work from home and sit in from my PC screen 40 hours a week so I went with:

EBDBlue 360 - Starting at $49

Our most advanced blue light filtering lens, with anti-glare coating for all-day, anywhere protection.

My concern is will I see blue light reflection or any other color?
I am not interested in transition lens where it changes colors due to sunlight.
EBDBLUE 360 1.6

  • Up to 25% thinner than standard lenses
  • Good for stronger prescription
Scratch Resistant, UV ProtectionDust RepellentEasy CleanBlue Light FilterSmudge ResistantWater RepellentPremium Anti-reflective.

*Due to their blue light filtering properties, all blue light lenses (EBDBlue Plus™, EBDBlue 360, EBDBlue Smart, and SightRelax) may appear to have a faint tint and a slight blue/green reflection.

They have 1.6 but not 1.67?

My total was $130.90. I have Davis Vision and it pays maximum of $150 on frames. Not sure if lens will be covered. I guess it will be all free after insurance?


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Because when I needed progressive lenses I went to the best Oakley optician in the area with a backpack full of Oakley frames and bought the best Zeiss lenses on the market.
Never looked back.
Mine would not be progressive right?