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I Need Your Opinion


Oakley Expert
hi guys, I would like to know your opinion on these mars, a friend of a friend is selling these glasses, I don't know what to offer, never had a mars before, but I think they're a part of any X Metal collection.
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any scratches? box? coin? micro bag?
you want them bad? is it a good friend of a friend?
The lenses are ok, just normal wear, like the faded lines from wiping the lenses other than with the micro cloth
No other accessories, only the sunglasses and a micro bag
I could live without having those, the only thing is that I think it would be nice to have at least one specimen of each xmetal, actually I wouldn't go out on the street walking around with the mars, I'm ugly and with ugly lenses... damn!
Now you guys know darn well these are selling for more than $150 on ebay at the moment-If you could by these for $150-you could easily make a $100 profit on ebay :)

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