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I never thought I would like this ... and best yet buy it and LOVING it!


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I have been a X-Metal guy, so Juliets, Romeos and Mars Craters (not Mars though) definitely pique my interests. I do have a few older O-Matters, Zero 0.4, old Twenty and Jawbones but I could not muster enough interest to grab more.

However, having read through the forum extensively for the past 2 months, I kept hearing about THE Pit Boss, about PB1 vs PB2, about elite logo vs comfort. I do see some PB1s and PB2s appearing sporadically in the Exchange, but I kept questioning myself, "Do I really WANT this? Do I really NEED this? Will I ever WEAR it out of the house?"

Then, this pair appeared. It attracted my attention IMMEDIATELY. I left the pictures on my laptop screen and every time I looked away, I subconsciously peaked at it again from the corner of my eyes. I closed my eyes at night and images of it appeared, spinning around in midair. I just couldn't RESIST. I gotta have it. (excuse the exaggerations here, thought it would be nice to spice things up abit)

Best part, I had a previous deal with the seller and was absolutely satisfied, so I messaged her on the mobile, made payment and it arrived today.

Tron PB 001.jpg

Tron PB 006_SX.jpg

Tron PB 005_SX.jpg

Oh...regarding my lack of love for O-Matters, I ordered a Pitbull and Split Jacket a day after buying the Tron PB. ;)

side-track: I have no love for the Ducati PB but do hit me up if you wish to unload a complete set of PB1 Matte Rootbeer (at a decent price). :)

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Pitboss are f+*king wonderful full stop but i just don't understand the attraction for the Tron yeah i have one but i prefer the Matte Rootbeer now the Ducati is just a thing of desire and hopefully someday .

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