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I Now Have A "full Dinner Service"


Gotta love a good DOG
At last i've managed to get my hands on the Bronze Plate so now i have the full set

Thanks to Oakleynerd who got me started on these.

These are the second delivery this week & 2 more pairs still to come in. Think I need to update my collection picture as it has doubled since I joined this forum. I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to you all for getting me in this state. Before I was happy with the 6 pairs I owned. Now I can't stop...............
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Damn dude, I want to obtain at least one Plate. Size wise what other pairs would you compare them to?

Difficult to compare the fit to anything else in my collection. But from what i've tried on in shops i'd say the orbit fit is close to the Juliets. They are very comfy to wear as they are so light. I'm waiting on some Juliets arrive this week so i'll compare then & let you know. I'll do a like for like photo so you can see too.

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