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I think I've crossed over to the dark side....


Oakley Beginner
Since I missed out on the X-Squared that bouncing_boy77 scooped up the ones from up in anthem, I felt I had grab my own. My first X-Metal! :cool:
I dont know why but it hasnt even hit me yet, and yet, I'm still thinking about the next one I'll get! Any suggestions? Anyway, back to the topic at hand....



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Congrats on your first x-metal... And awesome choice u made with the x squared carbon.

Also, welcome to the dark side!! U chose well... :cool:
haha well there you go! they didnt make a polished XX though.. but the X-metal ones are awesome too!

Yeah I love them, I get jealous everytime someone walks into my vault wearing them. Idk about polished anything though, too flashy. And I feel like they'd get very hot when I wear them in the summer. We have 120 degree days here in Arizona in June!

Thank you S-Works! I chose the polished carbon just because of the black iridium polarized. It's a shame we don't do them custom anymore :(
you work at the vault? hope i bump into you when i go there one of these days.

nice pick-up! once you go into x-metals, there's no going back!
It's weird. The XX may have larger lens coverage but as far as fit it's the same, if not tighter than my Juliet.

The fit of Juliet is fine, it's just lens coverage as you said. With a head as big as mine, the polished Juliet looks tiny. But it's weird the carbon Juliet and any X Metal XX look like they fit very well. However the X-Squared is perfect!

Thanks nerd! They feel amazing!

And yes bb7, you'll easily recognize me, I'm the biggest guy there lol