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  1. TheDutchman92

    TheDutchman92 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Just want to see if they still retain that nice light deep red colour or if they have gone the way of "Fruby" like most other ruby lenese, cheers team
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  2. the piper

    the piper Oakley Collector

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    It varies....I have got both recently I prefer the redder less purple ones...Was at the Vault yesterday MD to be gone by Dec so get in ur custom orders now at least in USA They had very little SJ and MD frames at all left and were not restocking...little disappointed...the Vaults are starting just to resemble regular O stores- here anyway...OCP and newer models...very few older styles reduced in price and some truly ugly neon shorts and shirts. what u call Fruby has always been around at least for 10 years My original Twentys 9 years ago were what u call Fruby