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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous i.am.Funny.Looking.Island.Person

    I have the following for trade:

    SI M Frame 2.0 with miltu-lens (LNIB)
    OCP Prizm Road Flak 2.0 (complete)
    Prizm Daily Polarized Carbon Shift (LNIB)
    Rootbeer/gold iridium Splice (used)
    Half X Replacement Lenses Kit -- Dark Bronze (BNIB)
    Half X Replacement Lenses Kit -- VR28 Black iridium (BNIB)
    Infinite Hero microfiber bag (BNIB)
    Hawaii microfiber bag (BNIB)
    Hawaii Square O hard case (BNIB)
    Vegas microfiber bag (BNIB)
    Vegas Square O hard case (BNIB)
    Women's glasses glorifier/riser (BNIB)
    1-tier clear stand 2.0 (new)
    3-tier clear stand 3.0 (used)
    magazine/article rack (used)
    metal watch stands (see pic below)
    watch stands (see pic below)
    metal card stands(see pic below)
    plastic card stands(see pic below)
    ... and willing to add cash on my side if necessary.

    Tron Pit Boss
    Mars Crater
    Romeo 2.0 (plasma, xmetal)
    X Squared (polished carbon)
    Juliet TiO2
    Livestrong Time Bomb II box-only
    XX (xmetal)
    OTT (carbon/ruby)
    Holbrook (Skate Deck, STPL, Woodgrain, MotoGP, Ruby Fade, ...)
    Ruby lenses (Mars)
    Carbon Fiber Money Clip
    Romeo 1 (plasma)
    Time Bomb II
    Pit Boss 1 (polished black)
    XX TiO2
    Ice Iridium Polarized lenses (Juliet)
    * I am looking for something to wear, so box/coin is nice to get but not necessary.

    Infinite Hero Split Jacket (LNIB) 2x
    Black Dial Hollow Point (LNIB) (only towards a C-Six or Livestrong TB II)
    employee dog tag (used)
    matte black/ruby polarized Holbrook (New without box)
    3-tier glorifier/riser
    black plastic 3-tier stand 2.0 (new in package) (multiple available)
    SS Tech bezel for Kill Switch (bnib)
    Polished Chrome bezel for Kill Switch (bnib)
    Titanium Gearbox watch with Titanium band (complete, lightly used)
    Stainless Steel Double Tap watch (complete, lightly used)
    Robotic Storefront (#438) (bnib)
    Big Taco Replacement Lenses Kit -- Emerald Iridium Polarized (new)
    carbon /black iridium Romeo 2.0 -- Frame: 9/10 Nose bridge: 9/10 Lenses: 5/10 Rubbers: 9/10 Coin: not included Box: not included
    Infinite Hero Split Jacket (used once and found a daily pair) -- Frame: 9+/10 | Lenses: 9+/10 | Rubbers: 9+/10 | Box: 8/10
    Stealth Double Tap watch BNIB
    polished /titanium iridium Romeo 2.0 -- For Sale - Polished/Titanium Romeo 2.0
    polished/emerald slate Ichiro Juliet: For Sale - Polished /Emerald
    Tinfoil Carbon Fiber -- satin black/black iridium polarized (BNIB)
    plasma/ice polarized Half X -- Frame: 9/10 Lenses: 9/10 Rubbers: 9/10 Coin: 9/10 Box: 8/10
    FMJ/Fire OTT Frame: 9/10 Lenses: 9/10 Bag: included Box: included
    White dial Saddleback watch (used)
    Red dial Crush (used)
    White dial Fusebox watch BNIB
    Robotic Storefront (#202) BNIB
    Infinite Hero Split Jacket (BNIB)
    Dark carbon/ruby polarized Madman (BNIB)
    Scuderia Ferrari Tincan (BNIB)
    Scuderia Ferrari Two Face (frame is mint, but right lens has pin-dot scratches; with box)
    Fuel Cell -- matte black/jade polarized (new, but no box and no polarized etch on the lens)
    Jackknife 4.0 Rx Pewter (BNIB)
    Carbon Carabiner (#463 of 500) (BNIB)
    Prizm Daily Polarized lenses (Flak Jacket) (BNIB) never even taken out of the package
    Infinite Hero coins (2x) (new)
    Robotic storefront (#199) BNIB
    Black & Tan Gearbox watch BNIB
    Scuderia Ferrari Jupiter Carbon (BNIB)
    Leather watch stands (2x)
    Titanium/black iridium Romeo 1 -- Frame: 8/10 Lenses: 8/10 (spider cracks) Rubbers: 9/10 Coin: not included Box: not included

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_6660.JPG iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_0315.JPG iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_7626.JPG iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_1020.JPG View attachment 238803 View attachment 238804

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_7685.JPG

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_7697.JPG

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_6874.JPG

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_6873.JPG

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_6872.JPG

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_6094.JPG

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_2638.JPG

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_2637.JPG
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Pm sent
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Oakley Expert

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous i.am.Funny.Looking.Island.Person

    I prefer to trade the XS for other XS in my wanted list.

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous i.am.Funny.Looking.Island.Person

    Just added:

    NWOB matte black / ruby polarized Holbrook - KEPT

    Infinite Hero Split Jacket - SOLD
    dark carbon / ruby polarized Madman - SOLD

    iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_2102.JPG iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_2101.JPG iamFLIP's trading list - IMG_2100.JPG
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